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Make Your Own Emergency Preparedness Kit

Make Your Own Emergency Preparedness Kit

Preparing for the worst is not a difficult task, and you can start in your apartment right now! In today’s post, the Liberty Square Blog is sharing a checklist of things that you’ll want to add to your emergency kit in order to be prepared for unexpected emergencies. For a great reference guide, print out this great checklist from The Red Cross.


  1. First Aid Kit

Some of the items that you’ll want to add to your first aid kit are latex gloves, antiseptic towelettes, antibiotic ointment, burn ointment, adhesive bandages, pain reliever, scissors, and prescription medications. For a full list, look at these recommendations from American Red Cross.


  1. Food

When getting your emergency kit together, store enough non-perishable food that will last for 3 days or 72 hours. While you’ll want to choose food that you enjoy, try to avoid foods that make you thirsty — add things like salt-free crackers and canned foods that have plenty of liquid. If you have any special dietary needs, keep those in mind when getting your food supply together. Also, if you pack canned food, make sure you have a can opener or a way to open them.


  1. Water

Make sure you have set aside one gallon of water per person per day for up to three days. Water is an essential item in an emergency kit. Following an unexpected disaster, clean water may or may not be available for use. The water you set aside for your kit is one of the most essential items you will need, as it will be used for drinking and sanitation purposes.


  1. Flashlight and Extra Batteries

In the case of a power outage during a disaster, a flashlight will help you see when it gets dark. Be sure to test the batteries before you put them in to make sure you didn’t mix them up with any dead ones!


  1. Whistle

Whistles provide a very loud sound with little blowing effort required. If you’re stuck or need assistance, blowing a whistle will alert people, particularly rescue personnel.


For a more comprehensive list of things to add to your emergency kit, we recommend visiting


Prepare now for a disaster by putting together your very own emergency kit in your apartment for any disaster that may come here in Newark, DE. Thanks for reading!